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Why get a massage?

If you haven’t been for a massage before, it’s likely you’re feeling a little apprehensive at the thought of stripping down to your smalls in front of someone you’ve probably never met before. First off, don’t panic! Just like going to see your doctor or dentist, a trip to see a massage therapist will soon become as normal as brushing your teeth!

Of course, there’s a tonne of health benefits to having a massage, too. Not least the stress-relieving qualities. Book a massage today and you’ll soon discover why thousands of people visit their therapist every month. Here are just a few reasons why:

1 – A Massage Eases Anxiety – Believe it or not, a treatment will help ease anxiety. Following extensive studies, it’s been proven that massage helps lower the stress hormone, cortisol. This is believed to play a part in helping those with anxiety disorders, and it’s also been known to decrease stress and depression in cancer patients.

For everyone else, though, massage is a great monthly treatment to keep fatigue at bay and ensure that, at least for that one-hour period, all your worries will almost melt away.

2 – It Relieves Pain – Of course, the most obvious benefit of a good massage is its many pain-relieving qualities. Back pain, in particular, is a huge complaint for those entering the treatment room. Pain like this interferes with work and can last months.

One recent study has revealed that those with long-term lower back pain found just one hour of massage, once a week for 10 weeks drastically improved any discomfort. It even ensured they didn’t need to head to the chemist quite as often for over-the-counter medicine – which has got to be a plus point alone!

3 – Helps Boost Immunity – A regular massage gives the immune system a boost by helping to increase the activity levels of natural killer T cells. These help fight off viruses and tumours, so this is well worth knowing if, for example, cancers and other illnesses are likely to run in the family.

Past studies have even suggested that full body massage in particular can even enhance the immune function of women with breast cancer.

4 – It Improves Sleep – Struggling to nod off naturally at night? Book in for a massage – and pronto! Not only can massage encourage a restful night’s sleep, it also helps those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest in general.

5 – It Can Banish Headaches – Great news for those suffering from chronic headaches, as massage is known to help combat them! Next time a headache hits, why not book a last-minute massage? It works by decreasing the frequency and severity of your headaches – result!

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